What Do We Value?

Below you will find the values we share at Remedy City Church.

Mission Statement

Remedy City Church exists to take the remedy of Jesus Christ to the needs of our city and beyond.

Contemporary presence

Remedy City Church is always reforming because we are living works in progress. We are developing a tradition of trading traditions for the incarnation of a timeless message within a changing community. Music is often paired with the word contemporary but is merely a surface concern. The deeper concern is that of excellence. Remedy City Church will always aim to communicate excellently, which requires valuing the people of today over the methods and preferences of yesterday. We recognize that everything communicates, and we want it all to communicate the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and him alone.

Theological exercise

Remedy City Church values learning, because it is the means to improving practice. The Bible puts an emphasis on sin and repentance, truth-telling and grace. If we investigate what the Bible teaches, we can enjoy the life-changing impact it will make on our lives and our relationships. Our theological study protects Remedy City Church from pragmatism and salesmanship and corrects us when we stray into error.

Of particular value are two distinctive stances: a Reformed view of salvation and believer baptism. Believer baptism underscores the miracle of new life in Christ while Reformed views of grace and salvation underscore the dependency of the saints on the Holy Spirit for every single thing, including faith and repentance and the freeing of a will in bondage to self-destruction. Only by God's grace does one receive a new heart able to see Christ in his glory. What a humbling, chain-breaking, motivating thought!

Missional love for the city

Nothing on earth equals what Christ-followers have in eternity except one thing, the opportunity for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ's substitution of himself for our sins, satisfying the righteous wrath of God and bringing reconciliation between God and his believing children. The church, in gathering to worship God weekly, launches from the gathering to spread that worship in the form of breathless and joyous good-news-telling.

Therefore, Remedy City Church is city loving. We aim to risk and retool in our effort to make a positive impact on the needs of our city and its citizens. And because of our intentional efforts to make affiliations, we can also be region-loving, state-loving, nation-loving, and globe-loving.

Small-group orientation

Remedy City Church intends to invert certain detrimental aspects of our culture, namely individualism, entitlement, passivity, pretending at perfection, and anonymity. We want to trade them in for society, generosity, purpose, transparency, and uniquely gifted responsibility. As an organism has many parts and each part is distinct in function but works together for the whole, so the Holy Spirit designs a gathering of Christ-followers. Further we aim to present a vision that inspires our church to embrace and pursue fulfilling relationships with God, family, friends, and city. Small groups keep us focused on our mission, connectedness, and openness.

What Do We Believe?

We believe and teach the Bible, and we believe the Bible clearly teaches the following:

God made the world and everything in it. He had the right, as maker, to be ruler and judge and lawgiver.

But man and woman sinned. We rejected his rightful rule in order to be our own gods. By this sinfulness, we have earned death and damnation.

But God had always determined to show off not only his majesty in creation, design, and law, not only in justice too, but in grace as well. In mercy, he offered a perfect sacrifice, Jesus Christ his eternal Son, to stand in our place. Jesus satisfied God the Father’s justice by receiving our death through God's wrath. Jesus won our salvation by his perfect living, making that death unearned so that he could be resurrected three days after his crucifixion.

And now God calls us to himself by his Son Jesus Christ. Should we turn in submissive repentance and faith, God will, by taking pleasure in his Son, bestow upon us the lavish gift of eternal life. No promise is offered to the one who claims God without the Son. No promise is offered to the one who claims the Son but does not submit to the life transformation of repentance and faith. No promise is offered to anyone of an easy or best life now, on earth. But to those who repent and believe, God promises eternal rest and abundant living after this earth to all who will put every hope in Jesus and Jesus only, his perfection being all we need, ourselves bringing nothing commendable to the table whatsoever.

Will you believe? Will you repent?

If you have questions, please contact us. And even better, read about it in the Bible, God's revelation of himself to mankind. You might start with the story of Jesus in the Gospel of John, easy to find in the table of contents of your printed Bible or available here.

What Is Our Doctrine?

We hold to the following two confessions:

Who Is Our Pastor?

Jeremiah Kinney

Jeremiah Kinney was called to plant Remedy City Church in Muncie, Indiana in July 2013. Before this, he was a pastor in Evansville, IN, an associate pastor in Muncie (Trinity Baptist), and before that, worked in education and libraries for 12 years. Jeremiah earned the M.Min. from Grace Theological Seminary (Winona Lake, IN) and the M.Div. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY). He married his college sweetheart Cassie, and they have three daughters. He is in jaw-on-the-floor awe of God's grace on his own life; enjoys reading theology, history, and Icelandic sagas; does his best at Cross Fit White River; and loves changing the words to songs on the radio and singing these excellent lyrics to his daughters at breakfast.

If you are interested in talking about spiritual things or have a question about Remedy City Church, Jeremiah would be more than happy to share a table with you at The Caffeinery. Drop him a line at leadership.remedycity@gmail.com.

What Are Our Affiliations?

Remedy City Church is formally affiliated with the following:

We are passionate about the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. While we are not very "southern," we are delighted to affiliate with the SBC for the purpose of partnering in the CP for the sake of missions and evangelism effectiveness, and we are grateful for our sister churches in the South and across the nation. Together we can do more.

We are also located on the 9Marks church search map.

What About The Kids?

Following Jesus together, each one leading one.

That's our simple vision for our youth and kids. Our goal is not merely to teach them Bible facts and trivia, nor is it only to teach them to mind their authorities and behave.

Rather, our goal is that our young people become genuine worshipers of Jesus Christ, to prepare them for adulthood by training their eyes on their Savior.

In addition, we hope to model for our young adults and children how the older can serve the younger, asking good questions and encouraging growth in following our Savior. We want the young adults to learn to lead the younger adults, who then learn to lead children.


At our Sunday gatherings, the children participate with their parents, and the pastor directs the first point of his sermon to them at their level. On their way home, children and parents can discuss the content of the worship gathering. At our Missional Group meetings, while the adults are catching up for the first thirty minutes or so, one of us is meeting in an adjacent room with the kids, asking them questions and showing them who Jesus is and why he matters. When that adult rejoins the rest of the group for Bible discussion and prayer, the older children help the younger.

In addition, we bring our children with us to do service projects in Muncie. We hope this inspires them to use the other gifts that God has given them besides aural learning.